Reasons Why You Need to Go Soap-Free!

Reasons Why You Need to Go Soap-Free!

If you are tired of facing skin issues since forever, maybe it’s time to ditch that soap. Here’s a list of all reasons why you need to go Soap-Free!

You might have probably heard this fun fact about our skin being the largest organ of our body. That indeed is true, our skin acts as a layer of protection against various microbes and even plays an important role in regulating our body temperature. It acts as a natural barrier between our body and the external environment which is why it is utmost vital to clean our skin to get rid of dirt particles and pollutants.

Talking about our face skin it’s a well-known that it is far more delicate than the rest of our body. So, while your regular soap is not that harsh for your other body parts it is likely that the same product is doing a lot of harm by robbing your skin off its natural glow and that’s just one of the reasons why you need to go soap-free.

Nowadays a lot of big cosmetics brand houses are launching a range of soap-free products. The unique selling point of such products are that they are soap-free, chemical-free, natural and so forth. But are they really worthy of what they assure to be? What does it mean when a product is termed as soap-free? Is soap-free same as being chemical free? Why should you choose soap-free products? Are they even effective? These are just a few of the questions that may cloud your head when you hear the word soap-free. Continue reading to find out answers to all your questions.

What is a soap-free product?

A typical soap bar that we are familiar with today is a two-ingredient mixture consisting of fat or oil and few elements alkali in nature. The fat or oil component can be obtained from either animal sources of plant-based sources. Apart from these two components brands even use a combination of salts and various other harsh ingredients to give the soap its foam. So, the next time you see a lot of foam remember how it is produced and just run!

A soap-free product on the other hand is made with a blend of synthetic surfactants and only natural plant-based ingredients. Since all the ingredients used in formulation of a soap-free cleanser are naturally safe for the skin they are best alternatives to those harsh foamy soaps giving you one more reason why it’s best to go soap-free. There is a widespread notion amongst the common public that soap-free equates to chemical free and that all chemicals used whether occurring naturally or synthesized in labs are harmful. This myth is a big no!

One might ask if these soap-free products are made to be so mild on our skin are they even really able to give a deep clean or do they clean only from surface? How soap-free cleansers help to retain radiance and glow? Continue reading to know whether this so-called soap-free bars actually give results.

How effective are soap-free cleaners?

There is no straight answer to this query. Irrespective of what product you use the process of achieving a flawless skin remains the same. In order to clean your face deep from the pores whatever product you use needs to be able to attract all that nasty oil and dirt from your face. A soap-free product not only attracts fat and water but also does not try to rip your face off the natural oils that is produced by glands under the skin. It does not disturb the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) which is crucial for contributing our skin’s natural ability to hold water. There is no denying that a well moisturised skin is a sign of soft and happy skin!

Why opt for soap-free cleansers?

Anyone who doesn’t desire a soft healthy and glowing skin should definitely stay away from soap-free cleansers. This sentence should be enough to convince you to instantly add a lot of them to your cart and steer away from those toxic soap-based cleansing bars and face washes. But if you still are unsure and want a list of all the benefits you will reap every day by choosing soap-free bars don’t forget to continue reading further.

Extra protection for your skin

As mentioned earlier, the skin around our face is many times more delicate than the other body areas. A soap-free alternative will prove to be a blessing for your face as it will not only clean and purify your skin but also moisturise it in the process. They tend to contain more moisturising agents and humectants than those found in your regular soap bars. A soap-free bar cleanses your without leaving behind residues or irritants that can cause redness or itchiness.

Balances your pH

Talking in terms of chemistry, skin in its most healthy state is slightly acidic in nature, in terms of pH scale it lies somewhere between 4 and 6.5. Disrupting that balance is the easiest way to a dull, dry and unhealthy skin prone to acne, infections and irritations. Applying good quality soap-free products can not only reverse the side effects of regular use of soap-based products for a prolonged period of time but also it can help maintain that pH level. So continue using your normal soap bar if you want to permanently damage your skin.

Safe on all skin types

While some skin types need extra attention, all of them in general need a lot of gentle care. A soap-free bar is the optimum solution for varying needs of different skin types. For a skin which is always naturally in dry state soap-free cleansers are blessing in disguise since they are not only gentle on your skin but also leave it moisturised and fresh. All the sensitive skin owners out there don’t be afraid to use them on your tender face skin.

Economic to use

Apart from being gentle on you skin, these soap-free cleansers and bars are also gentle on your pocket. Further it is also the most waste free alternative to the existing soap market out there. One of its features includes a long shelf life due to the fact that it wont wash away by coming in contact of water on a daily basis letting you to make full use of the product for an extended time period. Also, there is not a wide gap between prices of soap-free and soap-based products. Healthy skin at an affordable price!

Nourishment for your skin

A typical soap when used on a daily basis can deteriorate the quality of skin in the longer run. On the other hand, using a soap-free product not only reverses the damage already done but also supplies your skin with a lot of nutrients that help it in secreting essential oils in an uninterrupted flow. Depending on the type of product you opt for it may contain extracts from various natural agents like tea tree, neem and vitamin E.

Other reasons why you need to go soap-free

If listing of benefits of soap-free products is not enough to convince you why you should go soap-free, we would like to show you exactly what a soap bar is doing to your skin when used on a daily basis.

Disturbs the acid mantle

The acid mantle is the invisible barrier that acts as a protective layer between your skin and various pathogens. As mentioned above, a healthy skin has a pH balance between 4 and 6.5 in its optimal, self-sustaining state which can be disturbed when comes in direct contact of most conventional soap bars. Such soap bars tend to have a much higher level of pH since the ingredients used have alkali properties. An increased pH level for a long time can damage the skin causing plethora of issues like acne, redness, irritation and so forth. Further a higher level of pH level can be very damaging especially for sensitive skins.

Leaves a layer of residue

Sometimes the water we use can be high mineral content, meaning it contains various minerals like calcium and magnesium which when mixed with soap bars can react and leave behind a chunky layer of soap residues. This layer over a period of time acts as an obstruct between the skin and the oil glands in turn making it more prone to cracks, tears, dullness and irritation. This layer can also further accumulate dirt, oil, various bacteria, viruses and pollutants causing further damage to you soft and delicate skin.

Chemicals, chemicals and even more chemicals

Major chemical usage alert! Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Butylatedhydroxy Anisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Diethanolamine, Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone are few of the harmful chemicals which are used in such soaps which have been scientifically proved to be agents of many dangerous and sometimes even irreversible damage. Further this is not even an exhaustive list containing names of all the chemicals used there are many more. Yet one more compelling reason to go soap-free.

Kills the “good” microbes

Just like the gut fosters an ecosystem containing a million of good bacteria to facilitate the digestion process, there is a similar system when it comes to the bacteria or good microbes living on the skin. These good bacteria fend off the harmful bacteria by competing with them for nutrients and if need be, also by releasing toxins to kill them. Overall, a larger population of these good bacteria are essential to maintain the skin in its healthy and radiant state.

All these further substantiate the fact that your common soap is a big no for an optimum skin-care regime.

Things to be considered when buy the best soap-free solution


Just marketing a product as soap-free does not make it the best product out there. One needs to beware of the age old “chemical-free” advertising gimmick which tries to lure in the public lesser aware of scientific terms. You can ensure that it is soap-free by checking whether the label mentions the same. In case the label does not explicitly state whether the product is soap-free one should check the label for further clarifications.

Skin Type

Even though soap-free products are gentle on all skin types one still needs to select the one most suitable to their skin needs. For instance, people having dry skin need to opt for those products infused with natural moisturising agents and essential oils. Whereas, those having oily skins are more prone to acne and should opt for those products that contain a chemical known as salicylic acid which is a great solution to prevent future breakouts.

Problem Area

Depending on the problem area that you are seeking to target the type of soap-free product you choose may vary. Someone looking a permanent solution for acne will have different requirements than someone tired of dry and dull skin. Choose your product wisely!

Other natural alternatives to soap

What if I tell you that all you will ever need to clean your face is not a fancy natural, vegan-free, paraben-free or all sorts of labelled products but it is just water. Just a splash of water and you are good to go. One might not feel comfortable with washing their face with only water and that’s only understandable. But then again is using a soap the only alternative out there? Of course not! Keep reading to find out all other ways you can add in to your skin care regime.

Oil cleansing

Oil based cleansers are one of the best alternatives to soap-based products out there. They not only trap the dirt, oil and dead skin cells but also do not affect the natural oil secretion. This can again be a soap-free oil-based cleanser or bar.

Dry brushing

Dry brushing is yet another way to exfoliate your skin with a gentle natural fiber bristle brush without causing any harm to your tender skin. As an added benefit it even helps in promoting lymphatic drainage, meaning it purifies and detoxifies at the same time.


There is nothing as effective as an all-natural homemade scrub. All you need is a good recipe depending on your skin type and the problem area you are looking to target. Some of the widely used scrubs include ingredients like oatmeal, honey, cured, avocado oil, essential oils, and so on. One can even opt for soap-free scrubs available in the stores.

Summing it up!

The first step in any skin care regime is to cleanse your skin, isn’t it? Using a good quality face wash will form a strong foundation to a healthy, glowing and pristine skin. As a consumer we have a large range of options to choose from which include soap-based, soap-free, vegan, sulphate-free and a plethora of options. The choice of product will not only depend on your skin type but also on the problem areas you are looking to target.

We have already looked at the various disadvantages of using soap-based products and in turn giving you reasons why you need to go soap-free as soon as possible. Comparing and contrasting soap-based products against soap-free cleansers has given us a deep insight into how going soap-free can-do wonders for our skin. We hope we have given you all that you need to make the right and informed decision when it comes to the health of your skin!

12th Jul 2022

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