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FIRST ENDURANCE Optygen VO2 Supplement (90 Capsules)

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FIRST ENDURANCE Optygen VO2 Supplement (90 Capsules)
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Optygen is designed to improve oxygen utilization, reduce lactic acid, increase VO2 Max, and allow the body to adapt to high levels of physical stress. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS ✓Improves Endurance and Performance ✓Increases Time to Exhaustion ✓Enhances ATP Energy Production

  • ELEVATE PERFORMANCE - A daily performance boost that's clinically shown to increase the body's ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress, increase anaerobic threshold, and reduce lactic acid
  • ADAPT TO OVERCOME - The adaptogens Rhodiola and Cordyceps are ideal for elite athletes. Their benefits include increased time to exhaustion, reduced fatigue, less impact from lactic acid and overtraining, expanded anaerobic capacity, improved VO2 max, and more efficient energy production. In short, adaptogens improve endurance performance
  • CLINICALLY TESTED TO REDUCE CORTISOL - A study done by South Dakota State University showed Optygen reduces cortisol levels (the primary stress hormone) by 26%. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can prevent an athlete from recovering, increase the risks of overtraining and suppress the immune system
  • CLINICALLY SHOWN TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE - A study done at Luther College showed endurance athletes who used Optygen increased time to lactate threshold by 42%
  • REAP WHAT YOU SOW - Race-day performance is built gradually, through constant small deposits of training and recovery. Optygen works the same way. Studies show that steady use during periods of intense training produces demonstrable performance benefits after a few weeks, which then maintain and compound through continued use
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