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First Endurance

First Endurance OptygenHP Plain

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First Endurance OptygenHP Plain
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REDEFINE PERFORMANCE - Optimized performance and recovery during peak periods of extreme training and racing, with additional adaptogens and beta-alanine for increased endurance and power output. BEYOND OPTIMAL - OptygenHP expands on Optygen’s adaptogen loadout by adding ashwagandha and notoginseng to the latter’s rhodiola and cordyceps. The formula further boosts endurance, power, and VO2max while activating repair processes to reduce recovery times. FIREWALL - During high-intensity exercise, your muscles light up with lactic acid. OptygenHP’s betaalanine helps your body metabolize that lactate, converting fire to fuel and increasing endurance. Beta-alanine boosts power and enhances exercise capacity, and it’s also the source of OptygenHP’s telltale tingle.

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