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Professional Formulas Epstein Barr Drops - 2 fl. oz (59 ml)

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Professional Formulas   Epstein Barr Drops - 2 fl. oz (59 ml)
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Manufactured by Professional Formulas‚ Epstein Barr Drops is a homeopathic formulation that may help in reducing the symptoms caused by Epstein Barr and other chronic fatigue-related conditions.

  • May aid in relief of Epstein Barr symptoms
  • Possible help in other chronic fatigue-related conditions

Epstein Barr Drops 2 oz. was designed to provide help for people with the Epstein–Barr virus (EBV)‚ one of the most common viruses in humans.

Mononucleosis (also known as 'mono' for short')‚ is believed to be triggered by EBV‚ and is usually transmitted through saliva and mucus (and sometimes tears). Individuals that use Epstein Barr Drops may feel relief from the symptoms of mono infections.

Epstein Barr Drops 2 oz. (60 ml) Includes the Following Ingredients:

Phytolacca decandra 6X‚ 12X‚ 30X: An African Plant used to tread various disorders

Rhus toxicodendron 6X‚ 12X‚ 30X: Is usually used for relief of minor pain

Thymus 6X‚ 12X‚ 30X: Is used as a disinfectant and germ killer


Place drops under tongue 30 minutes before/after meals. Adults and children 12 years and over: Take 10 drops up to 3 times per day for up to 6 weeks. For immediate onset of symptoms‚ take 10 to 15 drops every 15 minutes up to 3 hours. For less severe symptoms‚ take 10-15 drops hourly up to 8 hours.


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