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Hair Putty

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Hair Putty
Hair Putty
Hair Putty
Hair Putty
Hair Putty
Hair Putty
Hair Putty
Hair Putty
Hair Putty
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Hair Putty
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Pete & Pedro Putty is hands down the best hair styling product for men on the planet. Our top-selling, award-winning styling aid provides a firm, yet pliable hold with just a dash of shine. No crunchiness or greasiness included. Putty is a great, versatile styling product that’s perfect for men who like a matte, messy/not messy look but with more moisture than what a clay can offer. Putty is excellent for hair that needs control but still requires a conditioned look. Infused with lanolin, beeswax, and a blend of polymers, Putty provides unparalleled hair control and hold. Water soluble so it washes out easily leaving no residue or greasiness. Paraben-free.

Trust us, once you go Putty, you never go back. Pair with Pete & Pedro SALT and you're guaranteed god-like Bueno Hair.

Be sure to watch the Putty Product Video tutorial on this page to maximize your Buenoness!

FAQ: My Putty seems hard. What's up with that?

The deal is that a lot of guys open Putty and think there’s something wrong or it must be old because it is hard – especially if it is cold outside. Relax guys, that’s exactly the way it is supposed to come. As you get deeper in the jar, it does get a little bit softer, but at first it is hard and will clump. Just remember you’re seconds away from hair heaven - just follow the directions below - all will be good. 

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Hair Putty @ a Glance

Size: 2 oz. (4 oz. XL available)

Hold: Strong hold – 7/10

Shine: Low shine – 3/10

Hair Length: All, but ideal for medium & short styles

Key Ingredients: Lanolin, beeswax. Water soluble. Paraben-free.

Scent: A cool ocean breeze while sitting in a new car that is filled with uber-fresh laundry. In other words…it smells awesome!

Directions: There’s a bit of a learning curve for using any high hold, matte solution. Let it warm up to room temperature. Using dry hands, dig a little bit by breaking it off in clumps. Wetting it won't work because the product will just slide all over. Next, rub your hands together like crazy so the product disappears. Simply run it down to the roots and style as desired. Bingo, bango. That’s not really a step, but it should be! Be sure to watch the Putty Product Video tutorial on this page to maximize your Buenoness!


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-ShortDesc-Mega-popular putty provides a firm, yet flexible hold with just a touch of shine. Ideal for medium and short hair styles, hair happiness is all but guaranteed.

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