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Beverly International Mass Amino Acids 500 Tablets

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Beverly International Mass Amino Acids 500 Tablets
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A typical gym membership could easily set you back $400. Yet even the most devoted individual should consider himself lucky to gain 3 or 4 pounds of lean muscle mass in a year. That's an economically damaging $100-$133 per pound of muscle.

Compare those prices with one devoted BI customer who used a single bottle of MASS Aminos to gain 5 pounds mass. (His strength also went up by 5-10 pounds on every lift.) That's only $9.99 per pound of mass - mass that he can continue to build on for year after year. Though this customer's success story may be "exceptional" for regular non-bodybuilding individuals, there are numerous others like him who have made equally or even more outstanding gains in muscle mass, reductions in body fat and increases in performance.

Any supplement worth your money is worth buying today. Here are a dozen more reasons why MASS Aminos is one of BI's most popular investments and so difficult to keep in stock!

1. Exclusive, custom formulation: MASS Aminos is a custom formulation manufactured exclusively for BI. You cannot find it anywhere else. The formula was developed by BI's research and development team at its head office in Cold Spring, KY. Manufacturing the formula requires the efforts of multiple ingredients suppliers working in concert with 2 technologically advanced manufacturing laboratories.

2. Rare ingredient profile: In terms of quantity, the leading ingredient in MASS Aminos is its partial hydrolysate of casein. It is also the anabolic star of the show and by far the most expensive ingredient to produce. Ads and labels for protein supplements often call out whey protein hydrolysate as their "most expensive" ingredient. Ironically, a partial hydrolysate of casein like BI's can cost twice as much as a whey protein hydrolysate, if not more. The cost of BI's partial hydrolysate of casein and its unusual anabolic behaviors arises from the complex, proprietary process used to manufacture it. Consumers will not find a supplement containing an ingredient with identical properties anywhere else.

3. Scientifically based: Peptide-bound amino acids (PBAAs) like those found in MASS Aminos have been shown to be absorbed faster, and increase nitrogen retention as much as 16 times compared to a mixture of free amino acids and nearly twice as much as regular food. In bodybuilding terms, this means 2-16 times the potential gains.

4. A high AN/TN ratio: The amino nitrogen to total nitrogen (AN/TN) ratio of the partial hydrolysate of casein in MASS Aminos is at least 0.31. This value exceeds that of other products by as much as 500%. It also meets the FDA's specific requirements for what is referred to as a "partially hydrolyzed protein." Some companies claim that their protein supplements have an AN/TN ratio of "no less than 0.05". However, industry experts suggest that a minimum of 0.30 may be required before consumers will notice results.

5. Extensively hydrolyzed: "Hydro", short for "hydrolysis" is a popular buzzword in the sports nutrition marketplace. The term is often applied to hydrolyzed whey protein supplements. Consumers are typically left wondering how "hydrolyzed" these products really are. The reality is that the whey in some of them may be as little as 1% hydrolyzed -too low to produce a difference that you will notice. In contrast, the casein in MASS Aminos has been subject to extensive, tightly controlled hydrolysis.

6. Guaranteed content of small PBAAs, up to 60-80% di- and tripeptides: PBAAs in the form of di- and tripeptides are ideal for fast absorption and retention of nitrogen. Tests confirm that the partial hydrolysate of casein in MASS Aminos contains a wide assortment of PBAAs ranging from di- and tripeptides (up to 60-80%) to peptides of 4-8 amino acid residues, as well as some free amino acids and intact proteins.

7. Dual Anabolic/Anti-Catabolic Effects: The intact protein molecules in MASS Aminos, being more slowly absorbed, provide consumers with longer-term anti-catabolic benefits, whereas the small PBAAs are principally "high-speed anabolic" in nature.

8. Banned-substance-free manufacturers: Athletes and their coaches can have peace of mind knowing that the MASS Aminos manufacturing labs are free of banned substances.

9. Convenient & Flexible: Because it consists of tablets, MASS Aminos can be taken anywhere, at any time. Its flexible formula is also suitable for an endless variety of bodybuilding applications.

10. Cost-effective: With a retail price as low as 8 cents per tablet, MASS Aminos is a highly cost-effective supplement to the diet and training.

11. Backed by real-world use: BI consistently receives testimonials from athletes of all ages and backgrounds who have experienced outstanding gains in muscle mass, reductions in body fat and increases in performance simply by adding MASS Aminos to their diet and training. Legitimate, convincing testimonials like these are very difficult to find in the sports nutrition marketplace.

12. Lysine Hydrochloride: Lysine is a dietarily essential amino acid whose main role is as a substrate in tissue protein synthesis. When MASS Aminos was first developed, lysine was considered a growth enhancing, or anabolic, agent. With so many satisfied customers, BI continues to put it in the formula to this day.

If you do everything you possibly can to reach your bodybuilding objectives and still don't reach them then that's fate, not something to be ashamed of. But, if you let neglect or a lack of applying knowledge that is proven to make a difference stop you just shy of your dream - you'll wind up with a painful sense of regret. It doesn't have to be that way. Adding Beverly's Mass Aminos to your daily nutrition can and will make a difference. Order today and try Mass for yourself.

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