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Urgo Tul Contact Interface 15cm x 20cm Dressing – Pack of 10

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Urgo Tul Contact Interface 15cm x 20cm Dressing – Pack of 10
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This medical device from the Urgotul adhesive bandage range is an absorbent bandage with a central pad . The sterile gauze pad is made of non-woven hydrophilic viscose to absorb exudate and secretion. It is also non-adherent to the wound in addition to promoting rapid healing by maintaining a moist environment favorable to the development of the wound. Hypoallergenic, this medical material is suitable for sensitive skin and prevents irritation and maceration of the skin.This disposable dressing also includes an outer layer of polyurethane film. The latter is permeable to air and water vapor. It acts as a protective barrier against bacteria, germs and microbes thus minimizing the risk of exogenous infection. Hydrophobic, this protective dressing can be used in the shower. Sterile dressings have silicone adhesive edges, easily adhering to the epidermis, while removal is painless. Country of Origin: UK Manufacturer/Importer/Packed By: Urgo

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