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Anice Verde Shower Gel

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Anice Verde Shower Gel
Anice Verde Shower Gel
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Anice Verde Shower Gel
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300MGLet yourself be enveloped by the energising freshness of green aniseed. Its delicate turquoise-green gel forms a rich, creamy foam on contact with water. Its formula, free from parabens, SLES/SLS and isothiazolinones, ensures deep but very gentle cleansing: the green aniseed, elder and liquorice it contains have a deep purifying and moisturising action. Inspired by the medieval village of Castignano built on the highest of five hills that rise between the upper Tesino Valley and the head of the Chifenti river, surrounded by evocative steep gullies, Castignano appears with its unmistakable profile: a pyramid-shaped town dominated by a Romanesque tower with a soaring spire. This wonderful mediaeval hamlet is famous for various “arts”, including lace and copper artefacts. However, it is primarily known for the cultivation of green aniseed.Benefits of Anice Verde: Anise is a wild herbaceous plant that has been grown for centuries due to its aromatic and medicinal properties. In the Piceno region in particular, anise has been cultivated since the fifteenth century. And it is in Castignano that a particular ecotype of green anise is grown, richer in fragrance and sweetness, thanks to its extraordinary concentration of anethole. It is this ingredient that has a profound purifying, refreshing and moisturising action. In addition, flavonoids, fats and caffeic acid counteract the activity of free radicals through their antioxidant effect.?The Scent Characteristics of Anice Verde: Aromatic, fresh, green and slightly aniseedy. A creation that intensifies the spicy note of star anise, intersecting it with magnificent luminous flowers, fruity brushstrokes and creamy sandalwood, whose amber trail, enriched with benzoin, is enveloped in a splendid cloak of musk. ABOUT TUTTOTONDOFounded in Florence, Tuttotondo products are created to be "postcards" from throughout Italy, written with original fragrances, pleasant textures, bright colors, and sophisticated illustrations.  A multisensory journey around Italy to remember and discover locations of unparalleled beauty and exceptional ingredients rich in natural, beneficial properties.    Country of Origin: USA Manufacturer/Importer/Packed By: Tuttotondo

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