Last-Minute Beauty Hacks That Can Do Wonders for Your Skin

Last-Minute Beauty Hacks That Can Do Wonders for Your Skin

Did you know increasing your sleep by even 1 hour can make your skin look refreshed and glowing? Continue reading these hacks to look salon ready anytime.

Your best friends’ wedding is due in a day or two and you haven’t got even a day off from your work to go to a salon to prep yourself before the D-Day. Your hair is not at its best behavior, a little zit is sitting across your chin waiting to pop up just at the right moment and you don’t even have time to follow a full-fledged skin care routine right now. Sounds scary right! This is all what you need to have the perfect nightmare. Albeit this is the last situation you would like to imagine yourself in. This is the time where you try to find that page about awesome last-minute beauty hacks that can do wonders for your skin that you had bookmarked a long time ago.

But don’t your worry girl, if you ever find yourself in a situation like this you have no need to sweat even a little. Be it soon coming wedding, Diwali celebration, or even an 8 a.m. super important career deciding client meeting we have got you covered. This article here will prepare you well in advanced so that the next time you are in this literal nightmare even by mistake you will be able to handle the task like a pro.

9 Tips to Ace That Last Minute Look

As promised to you we are listing below the best 10 last minute hacks that will dazzle up your look in no time. You may wonder how much time will you have to give up for these so-called hacks. 10 minutes! Yes, that is all it takes to make your skin look salon ready if you religiously adhere to the following tips. So, what are we waiting for? Set your timers. Let the beauty hackathon begin.

Make Water Your Best Friend

There must be tons of article demonstrating the magical effects water can have on your skin. Let us enumerate all the possible ways drinking water regularly can infuse that lost glow and bounce to your skin. Drinking water helps maintain hydration and elasticity of your skin, it can further prevent pimples and acne, helps slow down signs of aging like wrinkles, marks, lines and so on. Further water also promotes the optimum pH balance which is of utmost necessity to give your skin that bounce and lustre.

So, are you ready to take the water challenge? For those who are not already familiar with the term water challenge is where you target to reach a minimum water intake of 3 liters per day. Sure 3 liter may sound doable but for some folks it may not be true. Make sure you do not in any case drink more than 5 -7 liters of water per day.

Stay Away from Fad Diets

There is no right time to go on a diet spree. In fact, when it comes to your skin the only right way to care for it is to eat more. By eating more, we are not promoting binge eating in any form but simply put we need you to put in more wholesome and nutrient rich food into your gut. All the foodies out there you need not be disheartened you can still enjoy that occasional bite of pizza. Ultimately what matters is the kind of food you eat.

We encourage you to eat foods containing healthy fats, Vitamin A, C, E, micronutrients like zinc and selenium and so on. Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, kidney beans, buckwheat are great options our vegetarian readers. For the non-vegetarian peeps, fishes and chickens can be great addition to diets. Also make sure to include salad at least once in three meals. These minerals and nutrients will help your body repair your skin to retain its natural glow.

The Holy Trio: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise

Never underestimate the power of a three-step skin care routine. Though it may not be as effective as having a regular full fledged skin care regime it can still do wonders for your skin on short term basis.

Starting with cleansing make sure you use the right kind of cleanser or soap bar chosen according to your skin type and issues. After cleansing the next on to do list is to tone. Toning can help you get rid off any leftover dirt sitting on your skin to make the cleansing process even more effective. At last finish off with a nourishing face cream to ensure to hydrate your skin. Make sure you commit to this routine at least twice a day and nothing can ever come between you and your dream to get that radiating skin.

Sleep for Beauty

It is no wonder that catching appropriate amount of zzz’s can do wonders for your skin. Night time is when our body goes in repair mode and one night of poor sleep can cause a lot of problems not only for your skin but also for your overall wellbeing.  Hanging eyelids, dark under circles, paler skin, progressing signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and so on are just a few things which can absolutely be put to bed if you go to bed on time.

Scientifically speaking an adult required 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to make the morning a really good one. Cutting off or altogether ignore bed time routine can do more harm than good. So, the next time someone tries to name call you sluggish just send them a link to this article right here.

Don’t Forget to Scrub

Scrub is the easiest way to a glowing diva like skin. You could even make it a part of your daily skin care routine. But scrubbing could sometimes be tricky because doing it the wrong way can end up not only hurting you but also can leave your skin with a lot of rashes and lot irritated. That is why it is important to opt for scrubs containing tiniest possible beads. Avoid those made with abrasive ingredients like cracked walnut shells.

Make sure you do not over massage your face with don’t want red patches or blotch marks on our face. We would suggest massaging with a little pressure until the point where your skin starts to feel smooth. Scrubbing beyond that is not going to give any extraordinary results. Remember, don’t overdo!

Cool off with Face Masks

If skin care was a game, face masks would be a cheat code. Face masks are the most versatile products when it comes to skin care needs. One mask can replenish your skin with so much nourishment that could usually take days or even weeks sometimes. Just like any other cosmetic and beauty product, the choice of mask to be applied depends largely on your skin type and areas where your skin is lacking. For instance, individuals having oily skin can opt for clay masks as they have great oil absorbing capabilities or people having dry skin type can choose aloe vera masks or some other which have moisturising effects. You can opt for readymade masks available in stores or even look up a few recipes online to for homemade masks.

Applying masks once a day every day for a few days can really do wonders for your skin. Remember consistency is the key and don’t forget to relax and sip juice while your mask is on duty of reviving your skin.

Groom Well

Threaded eyebrows, properly conditioned hair and manicured nails are the three essential ingredients to ace any party look. Ladies do not take your eyebrows lightly. A well-groomed set of eyebrows can amp up your look by a notch. The way you care for and carry your hair can make or break your whole look so make sure to properly wash and condition your hair and look after them regularly. Additionally while washing your hair make sure you do not use water too cold or too hot.

A manicure is a must to look your best at all times. Well-polished, clean and painted nails will go a long way in adding a certain charm to your outfit. Lastly emphasizing the importance of regular hair removal from various parts of the body. Removing not only makes the area clean but also gently exfoliates it in the process. So never miss any of your salon appointments because who knows when your next date will be.

Flush the Toxins

Doing a full body detox once in a while can go a long way to get rid off that extra gunk that could be clogging your pores since ages. Steam baths can prove to be very effective in detoxifying your skin and letting out the dirt. Just ensure that you don’t bathe in such steam rooms for more than a minute.

Apart from that you can even opt for various other forms of detox like special juices or fasts. Getting rid of toxins that have accumulated over a long period of time in your gut can also help your face achieve that inner radiance.

Hide From the Sun

The worst mistake of all times that anyone can commit is stepping into the sun without any sort of protection. The sun though very essential to the very existence of our planet may ruin your plans to get that flawless and glowing skin. When the skin comes in direct contact of unbearable heat and harmful radiations that are being emitted form the sun on an extended basis it can result in acceleration of aging process and can sometimes even lead to burns, skin cancer and other grave skin issues.

Always make it a point to lather your face as well body that may potentially come in direct contact under the sun with a premium grade sunscreen with an SPF of more than 30. You can also opt for broad spectrum sunscreen which can offer you protection from UVA and UVB rays which a normal sunscreen cant.

Avoiding last minute hustles

As already mentioned, the above tips can help you augment your look within a few minutes when you are running low on time or have no where to go in such a short notice. Even though these tips are effective they have only a short-term impact. But to make sure that your skin always remains fresh you need to take the following steps

Devise a Skin Care Routine

Always make it a point to devise an extensive skin care routine which covers all steps from cleansing, toning, serum to moisturising. Just making a plan is not enough following it religiously is also essential. One should choose their skin care products suitable to their skin types.

Do Not Underestimate Your Salon Appointments

Making regular salon appointments will make sure that you are occasion ready all time so you don’t have to hustle up things at the last moment. Things like pedicure, manicure, facial can take hours and just cant be left upto a day before.

Do Not Leave Issues Unattended

Even if you are following all the essentials to skin care you notice some skin issues that are too stubborn to go away the first thing you should do shall include adjusting your skin care regime and products to target the issues as soon as possible. If homemade solutions do not appear to work do not hesitate to consult your dermatologist for professional advice

Wrapping it up

Whether you have a 8 a.m. meeting with the most important client or a wedding to attend, or a surprise date, or a few drinks with a coworker, or an office party these top last minute beauty hacks will never fail you. It is a well know proverb a stitch in time saves nine meaning if you are well prepared in advance for any worst case scenario you will always be able to avoid any major consequences or bloopers in life. As far as skin care and grooming is considered there will always be some last-minutes beauty hacks that will do wonders for your skin but it may be unnecessary to make these hacks daily habit unless and until there’s no other practical alternative.

12th Jul 2022

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