7 Deadly Diet Sins You Need To Avoid

7 Deadly Diet Sins You Need To Avoid

Did you know that your diet can be a sin to your body? Are you following these 7 diet sins that you need to avoid immediately? People are often confused with what diet to follow to stay healthy. Nutrition is very wrongly termed by a wide range of people. People tend to overeat and under eat to get fit and some people start relying on supplements to get a healthy body simply to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals into the body without actually knowing the bad effects on the body.

People resort to reading books so as to acquire some knowledge about various diets. They tend to lower the intake of carbs in the regular diet to lose weight has now become a trend. There are many misconceptions about nutrition and healthy diet in people's minds which need to be cleared out before they become deadly.

Here are 7 deadly diet sins you gotta avoid! Check them 

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Nutrition is not always about eating nutritious food but it is about following the right steps to stay fit. Given below are 7 deadly diet sins that you need to avoid if you want to stay fit and healthy throughout the god gifted lifespan.

1.Relying on dietary supplements

Relying on dietary supplements has now become a common scenario. It is true that dietary supplements help the body in getting essential nutrients that the body might be lacking. However some dietary supplements are solely prescribed by doctors based on the nutritional value of the food intake of each person.

Here are a few supplements and their benefits:

●Fish oil capsules provide omega 3 fatty acids which help the people with heart diseases.

●Calcium and vitamin D helps in keeping the bones strong.

●Magnesium supplements for migraine headache as well as for improving the quality of sleep.

●Vitamin C for better immunity and age-related macular degeneration.

●B12 for red blood formation, DNA synthesis, neurological function.

These supplements in the long run show side effects on the body. This is mainly due to the active ingredients present in them, so when taken in larger quantities they have bad effects on the body. High doses of certain vitamins can cause headaches, birth defects, liver damage, and reduce bone strength.

Dietary supplements can be dangerous if you are a pregnant woman or if you are giving them to children unless prescribed by a dietician or a doctor.

2.Adhering everything you read about nutrition

Everybody has a different body that reacts differently to specific nutrition, vitamins and minerals. A book written in general can never give a perfect solution for each reader's specific need. Think for yourself - if you have eye surgery, will you consult a general surgeon or an ophthalmologist? Similarly, nutrition is a wide subject, simply reading, and following any advice written or found should be avoided. People often follow various weight loss related articles online and make diet plans for weight gain. It is advisable to always consult with a nutritionist regarding any nutrition-related queries.


Many people tend to eat a lot to feel full and fit but simply eating food is not enough to stay healthy and fit. Taking food in the right quantities and at the right time is essential. Overeating can sometimes lead to nausea and indigestion. Large amounts of food hamper the digestive system regardless of it being healthy and nutritious if eaten too much will have bad effects on the body.

Overeating often leads to low blood pressure and obesity. People believe that eating more than required will make them feel fuller and will protect them from getting in contact with viruses. It is important to eat the amount that satisfies you instead of eating the amount that makes you feel stuffed.

Eating to such an extent that the body feels overwhelmed should be strictly avoided. It was found in research that unwanted weight due to overeating is linked to sexual failure, reproductive issues, and insulin resistance too. Nutrition experts recommend eating 3 balanced meals including 1 to 3 snacks per day. The amount of food intake completely depends on the height, age, gender, and various other factors. Overeating becomes a sin and a problem too if not controlled soon.


Just like overeating, undereating is also a common mistake that people make assuming that they will get fit and beautiful. The worst way to get fit is by starving for food. It is advisable to have nutrition-rich meals at regular intervals to avoid disrupting your blood sugar levels. Poor nutrition makes you feel tired and decreases your capacity to work.

Undereating leads to many health issues including infertility, malnutrition, anemia, chronic fatigue, weakened immune system, development issues, and osteoporosis.

Eating too few calories results in constipation as their body has less to convert into stools. It is necessary to have enough vitamins and minerals enriched food for maintaining your health.

Undereating causes many harmful effects on the body for example

●Slow metabolism that leads to fatigue makes you feel sluggish and uncomfortable.

●Nutrient deficiency leads to heart related diseases, improper body growth, anemia and so on.

●Loss of muscles due to insufficient glucose supply in the body.

Undereating is not the best way to get slim, beautiful or fit.

5.Not following a exercise routine

You are likely to maintain a good metabolic rate and healthy body without doing adequate physical exercise. We are all aware of the fact that not doing proper or enough exercise can lead to heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Being a couch potato can cause various serious health issues in the long run. People often don't understand the seriousness of the issue. Here are some of the health issues followed by an inactive lifestyle and not maintaining an exercise routine. Check them out:


●High blood pressure

●Heart and brain Stroke

●Depression and anxiety

●PCOS and PCOD in women


●Poor blood circulation in the body

●Less endurance and so on.

6.Not measuring calories

Counting calories provides structure and accountability to your diet. You can always plan your meals according to your goal. Many fitness apps and calorie trackers are easily available on the internet to ease the task.

Keeping a track of what you eat along with an estimate of the calorie count will help in mindful eating. Counting on calories is also beneficial for the reason that one can plan on their exercise routine accordingly. There is a standard limit on how many calories that men, women and children should consume on a daily basis. An average man needs 2500 kcal a day and on the other hand an average woman needs 2000 kcal a day to maintain a healthy body.

So, it is ideal to follow the count and exercise.

By doing so, attaining your target weight goal or staying up and fit will be easily possible.

7.Low carbs diet

There are many people that are obsessed with lowering the level of carbs in their diet to get fit without knowing that carbs have their own importance.

People increase the amount of protein intake to decrease carbs but it's a bad idea if you are doing it as eating too much protein in the diet creates pressure on the kidneys. Lowering carbs and only relying on vitamins and minerals creates ketones in your blood which in turn may lead to medical emergencies.

Now that you know about these 7 deadly diet sins, work on avoiding them in your daily life. Having a healthy and balanced diet enriched with vitamins and minerals followed by an adequate amount of workout is essential. You should always keep a check on how much you eat, otherwise undereating and overeating may cause harmful effects on your body. It is also important to always consult with a dietician other than simply following whatever is read on the internet.

We hope that this piece was of some help to you and that it could add some value to your life. 

3rd Sep 2022

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