Welcome to Kiwla!

We’re an e-commerce platform with a difference! We’re cross border e-commerce company that is committed to bring you the best curated products from across the globe! Kiwla brings your way hand-picked products from different countries of the world right on to your doorstep.

Want to gift something unique to gift your loved one? Sure, we are here with a wide range of products – a little bit of everything from different corners of the globe. We offer competitive pricing with an impressive range of products that you will find hard to resist.

We follow a strong set of ethos and we stand by it at all times. We are committed to on-time order fulfilment and our soul motto is to bring you the best purchasing experience. We do so by supervising strictly each product that comes to your shelf. We then ensure each product has all the crucial product information that will help you to make an informed purchasing decision. 

How we work?

We follow a simple and transparent business model. We connect people who offer products and services in creative, innovative and unexpected ways. If you have a dream, we help you to bring it to reality! We offer you a platform that helps you to nurture your potential.

We partner with different fulfilment service providers and resellers both in India and other countries and curate original products at the best prices. We then import and export them so that you receive the original product no matter where you’re located.

Our Values

Our strong values are the pillars of our foundation. We are passionate about quality products and we strive to bring the best products to make your life better. We have earned reputation for ourselves for sticking to nothing but the best.

Our core values are:

  1. We stand by our commitment and take full Ownership of whatever we offer
  2. Quality matters to us as much as it matters to you
  3. Persistent in whatever we do
  4. Best customer support to solve all your queries

 Where are we on the map?

We are located in the bustling city of Hyderabad, India.

 Customer service

Our customer service is not just a department controlled by bots. We have real people who understands you and your requirement and do their best to solve within the stipulated time frame.