Pro Tricks to Make Your Makeup Budge Proof

Here are some best ways to achieve a budge-proof makeup look that will not let you worry about your face all day long and will help you look more confident than usual.

9 Pro Tricks to Make Your Makeup Budge Proof

You've spent hours getting that glamorous look for your party but don't know how to do budge-proof makeup that can help you attend your party carefreely? Are you the one who comes back home with panda eyes and no lipstick? Do you often get cakey foundation, and it results in the breakout? Are you aware if you are making mistakes?  It is entirely normal to make such mistakes, but mistakes can be avoided if precautions are followed. The heat and humidity on your face and your surroundings are the enemies of your makeup. They won't only smudge your makeup but also damage your skin. It is essential to keep your face cool and clean.

It's not a big task to achieve a budge-proof makeup look, but everyone must know how to do budge-proof makeup, especially for beginners who are unaware of makeup tricks and look for products instead. Here are some tricks for budge-proof makeup.

  1. Start with a clean face.

Think of your face like a wall; to paint a wall, you don't start immediately with those heavy paints. You start by scrubbing the wall and cleaning it to get the best finish. That's how your face works. Having dead skin cells and oil on your face will not help your skin absorb the products, creating a cakey base. It's not a good sign for budge-proof makeup. Ensure that you wash your face with a cleanser, and if needed, you can also try removing your facial hair. Shaving your face will not only remove your facial hair but also exfoliate your skin thoroughly.

  1. Use a primer and less moisturizer.

Starting your base with heavy moisturizers and using rich oils will stress your skin and make your face more prone to smudge. Use moisturizer as per your need. Make sure you know your skin type before applying any product.  For a base, start with a primer. It minimizes your pores and helps your makeup to last longer. Remember that primer is not only for your T zone; it can be used anywhere you want. Don't forget to prime your eyelids. It will help your eyeshadow stay in its place. 

  1. Light foundation & concealer is the key to budge-proof makeup.

Many people ask for How to do budge-proof makeup and start searching for smudge-proof, waterproof products that can harm your skin if not taken care of by the brands. Your foundation is the key that needs to be correct for that lock to achieve budge-proof makeup. The first and foremost step is to buy a product that is made for your skin type. If you have dry skin, then go for products that are moisturizing in nature. If your skin type is oily, you do not need more moisturizers. Try using a lightweight foundation and start with a goal to achieve delicate layers. It was discovered that using fine layers of makeup stayed longer than using heavy layers of makeup. Lightweight foundations have many benefits, and one of them is that they will help you have budge-proof makeup. Make sure you blend your foundation everywhere on your face. For your concealer, don't hesitate to apply anywhere else apart from your eyes. Concealers will help your base to have a clean look by concealing your pigmentation. Try using foundations that are meant to stay longer. Long-lasting, non-acnegenic are some terms that might assure you of their quality.

  1. Bake your face to avoid that cake

Baking is one of the best tricks to achieve that glamourous budge-proof makeup. Baking is usually done by using baking powder or translucent powder. You have to keep that powder in place for at least 5 minutes. Don't stay with that; you can work with your eyes and lips, and when you finish, just dust off the excess. Your body heat, and the powder bakes your base. It is really good for under eyes as it highlights your eyes. If you still feel an urge to put on more powder, you can. Baking does wonders to your makeup and helps your makeup to stay in place. Make sure you bake after your base is done. Don't hesitate to keep it for longer. It will benefit you if you do so.

  1. Use products that stay longer

It's not always 'how to do budge proof makeup'; it's also the products that are budge proof. Finding the right products for specific areas such as eyes and lips is essential. Isn't it scary to rub your eyes with sparkly eyes? Isn't it challenging to go out in the rain because you never know when your eyes will turn into panda eyes? or isn't it scary to have lipstick all around your mouth while having dinner with your friends? It is scary, and hence to avoid such situations, you need products that can assure you with budge-proof makeup; for eye, products try finding waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliners or mascara. For lips, try to use matte lipstick; you can also use liquid lipsticks as they are very pigmented. Avoid swapping your lipstick multiple times. Remove the excess in the first layer and then apply the second layer if needed. Your lipsticks can be used as a blush which will stay longer if you use the right one.

  1. The way you contour and blush is important.

The techniques you use to contour your face and blush are essential to have budge-proof makeup. Try using two shades for your blush. Put on one shade and layer it with powder. Dust off the excess and apply a second shade, and lock in with some powder. With your contour, try using stick contours as they are easier to blend and set with some powder.

  1. Use a setting spray to finish your look.

Earlier setting sprays were primarily used in weddings for bridal makeup or some big events for celebrities, but with time people have started to know the value of using it. As mentioned, it's not only how to do budge-proof makeup; it's also how to have budge-proof makeup. A setting spray is like a shield that protects your makeup from heat, humidity, and several other conditions. It has a lot of benefits from setting your makeup to glow your face. It would be best if you did not forget that your makeup should look glowy too. You can't go around with a light makeup look on for long hours. Your makeup should be highlighting and glowy. Such things will make you look beautiful and give you the confidence to move around freely. It surely cannot enhance your personality, but it will surely enhance your makeup look.

  1. Things you should keep in mind

Since you have put so much effort into your face, it doesn't end here. You should keep a check on your makeup. Not every time, but once to be sure if everything is alright. If you want, you can keep your powder and apply it if needed. While doing your makeup, don't think of using creamy products. Go for powders as they are lightweight, but you need to be sure of their quality. Keep your makeup as matte as you can. Such things will help you have and stay with a budge-proof makeup look and assure you confidence.

  1. What to do in a mask?

As there is a pandemic going on, or even if there wasn't anything like a pandemic and you had to wear a mask, you need to follow some precautions. Avoid sticking your mask on your face; your mask should be of your appropriate size; otherwise, your budge-proof makeup won't stay longer. Make sure you aren't using dark colors, as they will destroy your makeup and your mask. Remember that safety is the number one priority, so never go for thin masks. Use them if required only. Otherwise, you don't need to worry about anything as you have put effort, and your efforts will show up.

If you love makeup, follow such tricks and techniques to do budge-proof makeup, and they will help you. Now move around freely without any worries on your face.

Which trick are you going to try? Let us know in the comments section; We would love to hear from you!

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