Hydration Or Moisturization - What Does Your Skin Need?

People used hydration or moisturizer without thinking about what their skin needs. Every skin is unique so do their needs and care. People should choose the right product as per their skin needs.

Skin is the thin outer layer of our body. It is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Improper skin care can often lead to skin damage. Heat, pollution, harsh chemicals, bacteria, UV rays, and malpractices can easily make skin dull and rough. So everyone needs to take proper care of the skin.

Everyone is unique; everyone’s skin is also excellent; a skincare product that suits others may not fit another person. So people should choose skincare products as per their skin requirements and not depending on others’ reviews.

In this changing environment and growing pollution, our skin quickly becomes damaged. Most people choose a hydrator or moisturizer for their skin to keep it safe from external damaging effects. Most people choose their skincare product depending on advertisements or other reviews, which is wrong. Usually, there are four skin types, sensitive, oily, dry, and routine. A skincare product that works effectively on dry skin may not work the same for oily skin. And not all skin types need moisturizers or hydration, or both of them. Here we will properly discuss who should use hydration and who should use moisturizers. We also briefly discuss what hydration and moisturizers are, their role, and their advantages.

What Is Hydration and What Is Its Role for Skin Care:

When our skin becomes damaged or because of the heat of the climate, our skin lacks water. This water deficiency in the skin makes skin look pale, dehydrated, and dry. Hydration is how our skin will absorb moisture from the air and infuse the water into the skin cell. This process fills the water deficiency and makes the skin hydrated. Hydrated skin looks radiant and soft. Hydration locks the skin moisture; along with this, it also helps the skin absorb nutrients from other skincare products into the skin cells.

Dry, flaky, or redness on the skin is a clear indication of dehydration. In this case, the hydrator is essential.

Ingredients That Can Be Used as A Good Hydrator for Skin:

Hydrators are also known as humectants. Here we will discuss the elements which can be used as a good hydrator for the skin. They are,

  1.       Hyaluronic acid
  2.       Glycerin
  3.       Aloe Vera gel
  4.       Honey
  5.       lactic acid
  6.       citric acid

These are some ingredients that can be found quickly and are very good for hydration.

What Is Moisturizer and What Is Its Role for Skin Care:

If the skin becomes dry quickly, it’s a clear indication that the skin lacks oil. Moisturizer can effectively stop this and balance the fat in our skin. Moisturizer can also effectively lock the skin's water level and enhance the protective barrier function of the skin. It makes the skin smooth, soft, and glowing. Ceramides contain moisturizers that can lock the skin's natural lipids and protect the skin from external environmental damage and pollution.

Ingredients That Can Be Used as A Good Moisturizer for Skin:

Here we will discuss the elements which can be used as a good moisturizer for the skin. They are,

  1.       Petrolatum
  2.       Silicone derivatives
  3.       Mineral oil
  4.       Lanolin
  5.       Plant-based oils, like, jojoba oil, rose oil, tea tree oil
  6.       Nut or seed-based oil, like, coconut oil, almond oil
  7.       Shea butter

These are some ingredients that can be found quickly and are perfect moisturizers.

The significant difference between Hydrator and Moisturizer:

Dehydrated skin cells which lose water quickly need a hydrator to add moisture to the skin. Dry skin which loses moisture efficiently needs moisturizer to lock the moisture lock from the epidermis.

All the skin types like oily, dry, or mixed can get dehydrated; they all need hydration. Dry skin types tend to lose moisture quickly all around the year. So it is important to use moisturizers properly for dry skin.

Skin serum is mainly hydration, and it comes with hyaluronic acids, glycerin, etc. Skincare creams and lotions are mainly moisturizers, and it comes with vitamins and antioxidants.

Hydrator Or Moisturizer What Does Your Skin Need?

This is a fascinating question and very vital too. One will find a ton of different skincare products; some of them are marketed as oil, gel, cream, ointments, and whatnot. Some of the skincare products are expensive, some of the skincare products have excellent user reviews. People often tend to buy a product that looks more promising without checking its ingredients. It is time to check the ingredient list apart from their advertisement and reviews before purchasing any skin care product. Some people use both hydration and moisturizers on their skin. But not all skin types need both of them. Here we will properly discuss which skin type needs a hydrator or moisturizer.

1.       Dry skin:

If the skin type is naturally dry or the skin stays dry all around the year, then the person needs to include a thicker moisturizer in their skincare product.

For a dry skin type person, it is essential to create a protective seal on the skin's surface to lock in the moisture of the skin and prevent the skin from getting dry. A thick moisturizer will help to prevent water from leaving the skin. Petroleum jelly, oils, or any other moisturizer will do a proper job for the dry skin type.

2.       Dehydrated skin:

If someone’s skin gets dehydrated quickly, then the person should opt for a hydrator. Our skin loses water because of heat and climate effects, but a damaged skin or dry skin will lose all the water real quick. This needs to be prevented, and a person needs to actively add moisture back into the skin to prevent further damage. Skincare products with hydrating serum are standard in the market, but hyaluronic acid works best for dehydrated skin. Aloe Vera, honey, and other ingredients also work well to lock the moisture of the skin.

3.       Oily skin:

Often people think that oily skin does not need any hydrator or moisturizer. But the reality is just the opposite. Dehydrated skin can exacerbate the oil issues of the skin. As the skin loses oil quickly, the skin lacks moisture and becomes dry. People whose skin type is oily often get skin barrier function, which makes it hard for the skin to retain moisture. So for oily skin type hydration and moisturizers, both are equally needed to take proper skincare. Water-based hydration and moisturizers are best suitable for oily skin. Water-based skincare products feel lighter on the skin and help to prevent oil loss.

4.    Dry & Dehydrated Skin:

There are a lot of people who suffer from both dry and dehydrated skin. Their skin quickly loses moisture and becomes dry; the skin loses all its water and becomes dehydrated because of this dryness. For this kind of skin, people should use both hydration and moisturizers for the skin. Good thick moisture will do well for this type of skin. A good hydrator is needed; hyaluronic acid can be a good choice for this type of skin.

How to choose the right product:

If someone gets confused about which product they need to choose, they can choose a product that will do both jobs. In the market, a lot of skincare products work both as a moisturizer and hydration. It does not hurt or cause any problem to use both a moisturizer and hydrator at the same time. At first, hydrate the skin by applying the proper number of humectants like hyaluronic acid or any other humectants. After that, apply some moisturizers like ceramide moisturizer or any plant-based oils to lock the moisture in the skin. Face masks are a great skincare product available in the market. It gives the option to get both the hydrate and moisturize effect to the skin in a single go. So, a skin mask can be an excellent choice for skincare. One may also consult a dermatologist at any time if they are unsure of their skin product. A dermatologist can guide someone more accurately.

The other factors to consider for getting healthier skin:

To have proper moisture and hydrated skin and prevent water from your skin, everyone should follow some daily tasks. Like,

  1.       Drinking enough water can significantly reduce dehydrated skin problems.
  2.       Applying a proper UV ray protector while going out in the sun can help to reduce the damaging effect of the harmful UV rays.
  3.       Applying proper skin cream should be applied on the skin in the winter and summer seasons.


Our skin is a shield of our healthcare system, so neglecting this critical part is a foolish decision. Everyone should take proper care of their skin. It is essential to fight against the growing pollution and climate change effect on the skin. Moist and hydrated skin is the key to healthy, glowing, soft, and smooth skin. Proper hydration and moisturizers can make skin more radiant and youthful.

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