Cryotherapy for Muscles: A complete guide

A complete guide of cryotherapy for muscles for beginners or people who are looking for therapies that can boost them with full energy.

A Complete Guide for Cryotherapy for Muscles

Cryotherapy is one of the most emerging therapies amongst the new generation. There are many therapies that you can go for, but Cryotherapy is different. Though it doesn't have any ancient background, it is undoubtedly an effective therapy emerging in the world. Cryotherapy for muscles is one of the most used techniques to rejuvenate the body and the blood flow.

Though cryotherapy is slowly becoming a trend, it is not evident that it will be safe for everyone. Cryotherapy for muscles can be the best option for the whole body, but it's indeed not 100 percent safe. You do it at your own risk and for your gain.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a term used for cold therapy or ice therapy done during injuries or inflammation. Earlier, primarily athletes and physiotherapists used to go for such therapies, but now people with arthritis, anxiety, chronic inflammation and many more are using it. Cryotherapy can be done in many ways. It can be done at home or any spa, salon etc. Cryotherapy can be done with many things. Some chambers are set in a very cold temperature, almost -110°, and you are exposed to it. Cryotherapy for muscles can be done on specific muscles or the whole body.

What are the benefits of Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy has multiple benefits. Cryotherapy for muscles is good for blood circulation. It helps to cure inflammation and injuries. Cryotherapy is best when used in the initial period of an injury as it freezes the nerve and helps the blood flow properly.

It is scientifically proven that cold baths or cold temperatures can reduce anxiety. People have seen immense differences in their anxiety after their cryotherapy sessions. It was discovered that people had experienced better quality of sleep after their sessions.

If you go for cryotherapy chambers, then you might experience increased metabolism and benefits like weight loss. It was discovered that a sudden change in temperature burns almost 500-600 calories. You cannot be sure, but you might experience a significant boost in your energy. You will feel a lot calmer than usual.

What are the risks of Cryotherapy?

Since Cryotherapy is done at very low temperatures, which is not normal for the human body to experience, it gives a sense of shock to the body. You should not do this therapy just after your strength training as your body needs to recover; naturally, that means you won't see any gains you expect. It is not recommended for pregnant women and children.

Cryotherapy chambers are a new trend but make sure that it is safe, and FDA approved. Standing in low temperature for a prolonged period of time or without any cover, you can experience blisters and problems like skin discoloration. If you are using ice packs or going for a cold water bath, make sure you are wearing something which can protect you from extreme cold. Since your body temperature changes significantly, some of you might experience dizziness or a need for sleep.

How to do cryotherapy at home?

Cryotherapy can be done by using ice bags or taking cold water baths at home. For injuries or swellings, go for ice bags. While using an ice bag, make sure you have a towel or a cloth with you. Cover your ice bag with a cloth and start pressing it on the place you need it. Cryotherapy is the best remedy for migraines.

If you are going for a cold water bath or an ice water bath, make sure you are wearing something. Protect your skin from such low temperatures. If you are using a bucket, then start with your head. Do not forget to breathe as such baths are breathtaking.

What are Cryotherapy chambers?

Cryotherapy chambers are like a tank or a small room that is the lowest in temperature. It can be Maximum -250° and minimum -110°. There are two types of chambers; the first is a walk-in electric chamber. Here you are entirely into a tank; even your head is in the tank and feeling that temperature from head to toe. It is much better as your whole body is in a tank. The second is an ordinary chamber or a tank filled with liquid nitrogen. Such chambers are dry, and you will usually feel dry cold. Here your head is outside the tank. You are not supposed to wear any jewelry or any metal piece as they can get cold quickly. You are also not supposed to wear your clothes; just undergarments are enough.

How to prepare for a cryotherapy chamber?

To prepare for a cryotherapy chamber, you need first to find a place that has a chamber and book yourself for that. It is recommended that you don't take a shower before 2 hours of your therapy. Make sure your hair is dry. Make sure your garments are not wet. Before going to the chamber, they will record your temperature to check the differences. There will be an assistant assisting you to the chamber and will look after you. Some chambers are provided with an in-built music system. You have to stand or walk a little for 3 minutes. Remember that 3 minutes is the maximum time you can be there, but as per your wish, you can leave early too.

What will happen after the cryotherapy chamber?

Once you are done with your therapy, your assistant will make sure that you are well. You will start warming up right after you come outside of that chamber. Your temperature will be rechecked to know the difference. It varies from person to person. They will tell you to warm yourself a little by walking or exercising. You can still go for another time if you feel like doing so, but you need to wait for at least 4 hours. It is recommended that you should not sleep during or right after your therapy.

How much does cryotherapy cost?

Cryotherapy can be free if done at home or can have different costs for different places. Technically it depends upon you, how you do it and where you do it. Cryotherapy can be expensive depending upon location. Cryotherapy for muscle injuries can be done for free or might take some expense if the injury is deep.

Is Cryotherapy for muscles good or bad?

There are many theories and opinions of people on this. It is very debatable if cryotherapy for muscles is an excellent option. It depends upon you, how you use it and when you use it. Doing it just after an injury is the best time as it helps you with pain and inflammation. But overdoing it may cause you problems like skin irritation or skin discoloration. You would love to get the advantages with the therapy, but you need to make sure that you don't miss out on your mistakes. You need to be aware while doing cryotherapy. If you are going for a chamber, make sure to follow all the precautions. Don't stand there for too long. There is cryotherapy for specific body parts too. If you don't want your whole body to go through such a shock, try investing your time in particular parts. Cryotherapy for muscles could be good if you take precautions and bad if you avoid your mistakes.

Some notable precautions before going for Cryotherapy

Before going for Cryotherapy, make sure you visit your doctor for a health check-up and know if you have any chronic inflammation. Know your body first before implementing any action.

Cryotherapy is undoubtedly the best experience for the best! Try it to experience what you read.

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