Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Whenever you ask someone about Green Tea's benefits, the first and most common answer that you get is “weight loss”. Yes, this is one among many other benefits of Green Tea, but not the only benefit. There are other benefits of Green Tea like it flushes out the toxins in your body, boosting brain functions and many other benefits. But its benefits do not limit to body and mind. It is a great ingredient for your skin as well. 

Green Tea can be used for treating different kinds of skin problems. It will not guarantee to cure the problem completely. But can work towards reducing it to a great extent. Green Tea can be used in two different ways to treat skin alignments – One of them is consuming Green Tea, while the other method applies it to the skin in different forms. 

Have a look at what are the benefits of Green Tea for skin

There are a wide range of benefits that you can enjoy with Green Tea and some of the most important ones include:


One of the most common benefits of Green Tea for skin is it helps in treating acne. One of the most common skin issues that many people face, especially youth, is acne. Green Tea has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This property makes it effective in treating oily skin and acne. Too much of sebum secretion is the main reason for acne. This secretion can be reduced with the help of Polyphenols present in Green Tea. It also controls the bacterial growth that can lead to acne. 

Premature aging:

It is very good to start treatment for signs of ageing at a very early stage. Premature aging can be handled better with the help of Green Tea. You can either apply it to your face in the form of a mask or drink Green Tea. Several anti-aging creams and lotions are available in the market, but not all of them are effective. But Green Tea is a proven method of treating premature signs of aging, and a lot of studies have been conducted to prove its effectiveness. That is one of the reasons why many cosmetic brands add Green Tea to their anti-aging products. 

Protection against skin cancer:

Did you know that Green Tea contains four different types of Catechins and Polyphenols? Among the four, ECG (Epicatechin Gallet) and EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallet) are the most effective on your skin. They have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are very important to fight free radicals in your body. When the levels of free radicals are too high, then your body and health will be affected. It causes cellular damage, and that can even lead to skin cancer. EGCG will help in repairing the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the DNA. That means Green Tea can help in protecting your skin from Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer. 

Reduces irritation and redness:

Like we already discussed, Green Tea is high in PolyPhenols, and they have anti-inflammatory properties. This anti-inflammatory property of Green Tea can help in reducing swelling irritation and redness of the skin. You can apply a smooth paste of Green Tea to soothe the Sun burns and minor cuts. Even for a few major dermatological conditions like Rosacea, Dermatitis and Psoriasis, you can use Green Tea. The itching sensation caused by these problems can be reduced. 

Keeps skin moisturized:

Green Tea is pack with different kinds of Vitamins and Vitamin E one among them. If you check out the complete list of ingredients in any of your skin care cream, you will find Vitamin E in almost all of them. Especially moisturizers and body lotions will surely have Vitamin E. That is because it keeps the skin hydrated and also helps in nourishing the skin. Any kind of roughness on the skin can also be reduced with the help of Green Tea. 

Treats puffy eyes:

Many people experience puffy eyes are swelling around the eyes. The Green Teabags that you drink every day can be very helpful in treating this problem. It is a very simple and easy method to follow. Once you are done making Green Tea, then squeeze off any excess liquids from the Green Teabags. Now place them in a refrigerator for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Take them out of the refrigerator and then place them on your eyelids for at least 30 minutes. That shows magical results for puppy eyes. 

How to reap the benefits of Green Tea for skin?

You can either drink Green Tea or apply it on your skin. Most of us are aware of how to make Green Tea and drink. You can get the Teabags readily available at a supermarket near you. But how to apply it on your face is a very common question for many people. You can apply it in the form of a mask, make a mist or spray out of the brewed Green Tea, mix the brewed Tea with other useful ingredients and apply it on the face. 

But for the magic to work, you need to be very careful while picking Green Tea. You should always make sure that the amount of antioxidants is high, but it keeps changing from brand to brand. So, here is how to pick the right one:

  • Check the complete list of ingredients and look for EGCG. Pick the one that comes with the highest EGCG levels. 
  • Compared to Teabags, leaves are the best choice as they have high amounts of antioxidants. 
  • Always make sure that you are checking the date of manufacturing and always go for a fresh batch. 
  • Organic Green Tea is the best choice as it does not contain any harmful ingredients in it. They are harvested without the use of chemicals and pesticides. 
This was just a small list of benefits of Green Tea for skin, but there are many other benefits as well. Green Tea is good for your overall health, and hence it is good to make it a part of your diet and your skincare routine.

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