8 Hair Masks to meet your Hair Goals

Know 8 hair masks to meet your hair goals to beat expensive treatments. Try these hair masks and let your beautiful hairs grab the eyeballs of every passerby!

You are late to work and your hair is badly tangled!

You wake up and see hairs covering a wider area of your bed than you!

You are ready with a brand-new black suit for an interview. Oops! Look at those white spots- dandruffs!

You can't open your hair like others as they are too frizzy.

Your roommate has just done with combing and the white floor is messed up with hairs.

You are not open to new hair styles as your damaged hair does not allow you.

If you have faced any of these cases and are looking for hair masks to meet your hair goals, this well-tested guide will help you. Be it pollution or hair styling treatments, your hair has gone through a lot. Even if you have amazing hair, a hair pack can help you to maintain the quality. You can prepare your own DIY hair pack or buy a ready-made pack but finding the best one can be a bit overwhelming. Calm down! Read this guide till the end to pick up the right one for your hairs.

Why is a hair mask important for hair health?

Isn't a shampoo and a conditioner enough? No they are not! A shampoo is meant to deeply cleanse your hairs and scalp while conditioner makes your hair appear smooth and silky. However hair needs a properly nourished scalp to grow and be resistant towards damage. Therefore, you need a hair product that can deeply penetrate the scalp and provide sufficient hydration and nourishment to the hairs. This is where the hair mask comes from!

Here are additional factors that prove hair masks are important.

  • Colour treated or straightened hair is more prone to damage. A good hair mask can save you from this.
  • Frizzy hairs or limp curls require a hair pack to gain back life.
  • Excessive hair loss leads to baldness where a hair mask comes out as a life saver.
  • If you fear to trim down your hairs just because they grow too slowly, a hair pack is the best solution.
  • Dandruff refuses to go off. An anti dandruff hair mask ends the trouble.
  • If you have beautiful hair naturally, a hair pack is still necessary to maintain that beauty.

Got enough reasons to start a hair mask routine? Time to move to the next section!

Hair Types

Everyone is different, hence their hair. If you and your sister are sharing the same type of hair pack, it can be a blunder! This is not just for hair packs but also true for moisturizer, shampoo, cream and other body care products. Ignoring irritated scalp, hairfall, dandruff, itching, reduced volume and such hair problems can lead to more dangerous situations.

Figure out your hair type and see what works for you!

1.     Thick hair

For those who have thick or coarse hair, they need a deep conditioning treatment that can moisturize the hair from the inside out and nourish it evenly. Your hair needs ingredients like almond oil, shea butter and avocado to give that real punch to soften your locks. Hence you get smooth and supple strands.

Ready to rule your hair? Yes!

2.     Dry hair

Healthy scalp is the foundation of well-nourished hairs. However if you have brittle and dry hair, your scalp is devoid of moisture. This condition occurs due to over processing or maybe by birth as the scalp loses its natural oil or produces too low. You can achieve resilience and shine by using keratin protein, hyaluronic acid, and fruit oils. Hence check if your store-bought hair pack contains these ingredients.

This type of hair requires daily hydration to prevent weighting your hair down. A mixture of coconut oil and aloe vera helps your hair to lock the moisture in and rebuild elasticity.

3.     Damaged hair

Few hair types are prone to breakage and shedding. You have to go through a lot of day to day struggles, then your scalp exposed to heat and pollution become so weak. With age, hairs become more fragile and thin which demands an anti ageing hair pack to revitalize and prevent aging.

If this is your case, your scalp and hair is badly craving for a pack containing hair-healthy ingredients to replenish hair and protect it from external stressors.

4.     Colour treated hair

Colour treated hair lacks hydration and demands extra care where a rich hair mask will do the job. Check out if your hair mask has shea butter or olive as they are great antioxidants having nutrients, minerals and all those elements to improve the vibrancy of coloured hair.

5.     Grey hair

When hair starts greying too fast it's time to add a touch of new life, try a shikakai face mask to retain your natural hair colour.

6.     Straight hair

Straight hairs are not always aligned. You need a hair mask that can relax and tame hair by a biolipid complex coating each strand.

7.     Non growing hairs

At times you're here to use scissors on your hair as they refuse to grow back. In this case a good hair mask gives the required nutrients to the follicles which helps in lengthening your hairs.

8.     Frequently styled hair

If your profession forces you to style your hair almost every day, you need to be alert. Try to style your hairs naturally without using thermal attacks like heat styling tools. Try a hair pack that contains grapeseed and linseed oil that creates a protection wall all around your hair.

8 Coolest Hair Masks to keep your hair damage free and lustrous

These homemade hair masks are easy to prepare as most of the ingredients you will find in your kitchen or are easily available in the market.

●      Coconut oil + banana

Coconut oil has lauric acid which helps in reducing inflammation, locks in moisture and is disinfectant and scalp friendly.

On the other hand, ripe bananas have silica, potassium along with vitamin B6. Both of the ingredients contribute to improving the scalp and shaft.

This hair mask works great for dry, frizzy and rough hair.

●      Green tea + apple cider vinegar

Itchy or irritated scalp forms flakes on the scalp where this pack can come to the rescue. As green tea is a major source of antioxidant and apple cider vinegar contains Alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin

 B and C, it prevents skin from flaking. Also, it soothes your scalp, hence you feel comfortable.

●      Honey + olive oil

Dry and damage prone hair can be fixed by a good blend of honey and olive oil.

Honey being an emollient and humectant nourishes dull hair wherein olive oil forms a protective leather around your hair due to vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Ever tried honey on your face? Imagine if it can benefit your skin then what it can do to your hair.

●      Hibiscus

Here comes the best part! Hibiscus made hair packs are suitable for all hair types. It improves overall hair quality and is mostly helpful for thin hairs.

The most remarkable benefit of hibiscus flower is that it promotes hair growth and strengthens hair roots.

Boil a few petals of hibiscus flowers in coconut oil, strain it and then massage on the scalp for a few minutes. Let it sit there for hours and rinse off.

●      Egg white + lemon

If you have excessive oily hair, this hair pack is a bliss for you.

Lemon is a good source of vitamin C that stimulates follicles where egg whites nourishes your skin and breaks down the oil. Thanks to the protein and enzymes in egg white.

NOTE: Do not apply this hair mask on coloured hair or or go to direct sunlight as vitamin C can bleach your hair.

●      Yoghurt + fenugreek seeds

This blending is awesome for combating dandruff.

Yoghurt has lactic acid and probiotics that clears your scalp gently and regains the normal flora of the scalp.

On the other hand, fenugreek seeds have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties because of saponins and flavonoids.

Apply this hair mask twice a week to bid goodbye to dandruff.

●      Avocado + olive oil

If your hair has lost the shine or has split ends, include this hair pack in your weekly routine and see the results yourself.

Avocados work at the cellular level as it has vitamin B along with Omega 3 fatty acids. This restores moisture and repairs hair.

●      Aloe vera + castor oil

Do you want voluminous hair that can cover the whole of your back? Try this blend!

Aloe vera has hydrating properties while castor oil provides conditioning. They altogether contribute in growing your hair thicker and also improving the texture.

The process of applying a hair mask is almost the same in all cases. Apply the mixture on damp hairs, drap it with a towel to prevent dripping. Wait for a few hours and wash your hair using a gentle shampoo and towel dry.

Bottom line

Apart from applying a hair mask, oiling your hair is also necessary. Give a good massage to the scalp for better blood circulation.

If you have more queries related to hair care, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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