As surprising as it may sound, many eye makeup products, especially the eye shadow palettes indeed have a safety disclaimer that says “not for use in the immediate area.” isn’t that ironic? So, now, how do you make sure if your eye makeup is actually safe? In this article, we will tell you how to make sure you use safe eye makeup.

How to know if your eye makeup is actually safe?

Literally, any colour cosmetic product may contain an ingredient that is not advised to use around the eye area. How can your brand new eye shadow palette be safe for use around your eyes?

The consumers are encouraged to check the list of ingredients of the products they are planning on using on their eyes against a list of agency’s approved colour pigments that also tell about the specific uses they are approved for.

If there is a colour in your eye makeup that is not on the list made by the company that obeys the law, do not use it. Even if it is there on the list, check if it is approved by the FDA. If not, refrain from using that product around your eyes.

Below are the other ways you can check for the safety of your eye makeup:

Tips for Eye Makeup Safety

Believe it or not, using mascara or eye shadow can harm your vision. Here are a few tips to ensure the safety of the eye makeup you are using and to keep your eyes healthy and pretty.

   1. Do not use old or expired makeup

    If you have expired or old makeup, throw it away, it can be really harmful to your eyes.

       2. Do not use a dried out mascara

      Never try to use a dried out mascara on your eyelashes. Do not even attempt to moisten it with water. It is best and safe to replace your old mascara with a new one every 3-4 months, or as soon as it has dried out.

         3. Keep all your cosmetics cool

      It is advised to keep your cosmetics at 80F-85F or below.

         4. Do not mix and match your cosmetics

      The products that are intended on your eyes only should be used on your eyes. Do not use a pencil for both your eyes and lips, as it can result in bacteria’s formation.

         5. Avoid using Kohl as eyeliner

      Kohl may contain a dangerous amount of lead. Avoid any kind of permanent dyes or permanent colouring on your eyelashes. It can cause irreversible damage to your eyes if not used in the right way.

         6. Do not share your cosmetics

      Sharing cosmetics with someone may cause their bacteria to contaminate your eye cosmetics and vice versa.

      How to Apply Eye Cosmetics Safely: Tips

      Along with checking the safety of the ingredients present in your eye makeup, it is also important to safely apply your eye makeup to prevent injury. Make sure not to get the cosmetic in your eye when applying eye makeup. Below are a few safety suggestions for eye cosmetics

      • Never try to put your eye makeup on while you are riding or driving in a car or any vehicle- applying mascara in a moving vehicle can easily scratch your cornea if you are not careful enough. Sudden stops can increase the risk of causing injuries in your eyes.
      • Always wash your hands before applying eye cosmetics- it is important to have clean hands before digging into your makeup bag and start applying eye cosmetics.
      • Skip using eye cosmetics when you have an infected eye- stop using eye cosmetics if you have got an irritated eye or an infected eye until it is completely healthy again, especially if a particular cosmetic has caused that irritation or infection.
      • Avoid using glittery or shiny eye cosmetics- glittery or shiny eye makeup cosmetics may contain ingredients that can cause irritation in your eyes.
      • Make sure that your eye cosmetic applicators are clean- before you use brushes and sponges for applying your eye makeup, make sure they are clean and washed. It is best to replace or wash them frequently.
      • Wash your eye makeup before going to bed- makeup can cause many problems for your eyes, even more, if you wear contact lenses. Your eyes may become dry and irritated, and your eye cosmetics may leave deposits of eye makeup in your contact lenses, which in return might affect your vision and the comfort of your lenses.So it is necessary to clean and gently wash your eye makeup thoroughly before going to bed to make sure your makeup does not have any way into your eyes and cause damage.

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