How to Take Care of Your Hair after Straightening

Taking care of your hair after straightening can be a hard job, but there are many easy ways to do it. Straightening your hair with chemical treatments is a useful method that keeps your hair straight and smooth for an extended period, but the real challenge starts after that. After you get done with chemical straightening, be it temporary or permanent, you must take proper care of your hair to maintain its smoothness and texture. 

Heat can cause damage to your hair and result in rough hair texture and hair loss. However, there are many ways you can save your hair from all that. To maintain the excellent texture, softness, volume, and moisture of your hair, you have to maintain a proper hair care routine, which can be some hard work. There are a lot of practical ways in which you can protect your hair, and these ways work for anyone and everyone!

12 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair after Straightening 

#1. Use Hair Protectants 

The process of straightening involves heat which causes a lot of hair damage. It is best to use a moisturizer or a hair serum on your hair before straightening your hair. Using these hair protectants will help protect your hair from the heat that can go up to 180C, which is very harmful.

#2. Apply Natural Home Remedy- Oil

Oil is an age-old blessing that has been passed on to us by our ancestors. Oil has been proven to be the best product for hair for many generations now. There are many types of oil, and the most used oils for hair are coconut, amla, and olive oil. You can massage your hair with any one of these oils and keep it on for 2-3 hours. While you keep it on, remember to wrap a hot towel around your head. Wash your hair thoroughly later. 

#3. Never Use That Heating Rod On Your Wet or Damp Hair

Never use a heating rod if your hair is wet. I repeat, never. It will make your hair frizzy and rough. Chances are it might burn your hair too. So, avoid straightening your hair with the heating rod when your hair is wet. Let your hair dry naturally first, or use a towel. You can also blow dry your hair before you heat it. Heating your wet hair can also cause a lot of hair fall. We don’t want that, do we?  

#4. DIY Home Remedies for the Treatment of Your Hair

Home remedies always work wonders. You can DIY hair masks using many ingredients such as egg, rice water, curd, apricots, aloe vera, neem, honey, oats, onion juice, and so many more. They all work great and help in smoothening, moisturizing, and getting rid of roughness of your hair. The Internet is a place where you can learn to make all these hair masks and see which hair mask suits the texture of your hair better. 

#5. Hair Spa Treatment

As much as oiling helps your hair and prevents it from damage, it also is not just enough as our hair is exposed to dust, pollution, and heat daily. Hair spa treatment is beneficial. Applying hair serums which are followed by a massage and steam is a great way to take care and pamper your hair. So get a hair spa appointment from that salon today! 

But if you have the right products, you can do a hair spa at home on your own too. I assure you the hair spa is quite relaxing as well. 

#6. Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

Regular usage of heat and chemicals can damage the hair a lot which results in split ends and rough hair. Many people think of it a myth but the hairdressers believe split ends stop the growth of your hair and makes the quality of your hair worse too, which is why the hairdressers advice you to trim your hair regularly once in a while. 

#7. Use Proper and Good Hair Conditioning Products

Always use a good quality shampoo for repairing and also condition your hair with a proper conditioner after that regularly. Leave-in conditioners after hair wash with a shampoo usually work the best. 

#8. Shorten the Gaps between Your Hair Straightening Days

You mustn’t wash your hair soon after you have straightened your hair. You can use dry shampoo if you need to wash your hair. It will help your hair be straightened for an extended period and decrease the heat effect on your hair. 

#9. Hair Care Serums to the Rescue

Always use a hair softener or any hair serum that suits your hair after you straighten it. Applying a hair serum reduces the effect of all the heat caused by the hair straightener. 

#10. Use Only Good Quality Hair Accessories

Do not use any hair clip to tie your hair. It can result in hair breakage and will put pressure on your scalp. Avoid all types of hair clips, or it will result in a receding, which you do not want. If you want to tie your hair, you can talk to your hairdresser or hairstylist and ask for other safe alternatives. 

#11. Skip Dyeing Your Hair for Now

If you want to experiment with highlights on your hair, skip it for now. Adding more chemicals to your already chemically treated straight hair can further cause a hair loss problem. In case you have grey hair and wish to dye the, you can go ahead but use only a suitable quality dye that is ammonia-free. 

#12. Comb Your Hair before Brushing Them

If you want to keep that glossy look on your newly straightened hair, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle the locks and stubborn hair. After you comb, run a brush through your hair to give it that extra volume and shine. And Voila, there you go! 

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