Hacks To Achieving The “No Makeup” Makeup Look

As amusing because it may sound, there are many hacks to attain the “no-makeup” makeup look using makeup. Many makeup trends come and go, but the no-makeup makeup look is here to remain. While some love the heavy and full glam makeup look, others prefer a natural or no-makeup look. It’s weird and amazing at the same time how we desire a no-makeup look but with makeup. This look could be opposite to the typical “Instagram model/influencer look” that we've been seeing plenty today. No winged liner or a bright eye shadow or bold brows or dark matte lipsticks. This makeup look requires none of that.

“No-makeup” makeup look is applying bare minimum products on your face. It requires fewer products, some replacements, and a change in some techniques. Its primary focus should get on the steps of application of it rather than the amount of products used.

Below here we'll be breaking down some hacks that may facilitate help you get the right no-makeup look!

10 Hacks to achieve The “No-makeup” Makeup look

#1. Moisturize your face
First and foremost, you need to moisturize your face before applying makeup. Choose a moisturizer that completely absorbs into your skin. Don’t forget to massage your face with the moisturizer nicely.
#2. Forget your foundation
To get a flawless base, use a CC or BB cream rather than a foundation. Please take few drops from your cream and apply it evenly on your face. Oh and don’t forget the neck!
#3. Contour without concealer
To give your cheekbones, nose, and jawline a good shape and structure, contour your face by using a soft matte bronzer rather than concealer and powder it on the parts of your face that you just want to contour. Make sure to not overdo the bronzer.
#4. Translucent powder
Instead of using a compact powder, use a translucent powder under your eyes, on your upper lips, and smile lines.
#5. Use a light pink shade on your eyelid
Now for enhancing the eyes, use a light pink transition shade and apply it over your eyelid. It gives the eyes a more natural look, and you don’t need to use eyeshadow to enhance your eyes anymore.
#6. Use an eyeliner pencil
Take an eyeliner pencil and define your eyes with it. Be careful and try not to overdo it. Remember we are choosing a natural look here, so don't go for thick or winged eyeliner.
#7. Replace lipstick with lip balm
For your lips, take a tinted lip balm of your choice, or  you can also use an ombre pink lip.
#8. Use vaseline or your dry old mascara brush
For four eyelashes, you can also use vaseline. Vaseline makes your eyelashes look darker and more prolonged. you'll also use an old dried out mascara brush for the identical.
#9. Lipstick blush
Instead of using blush, you can use one of your lipsticks preferably in shades of red or pink, or that suits your skin tone and apply little on your face using your index finger.
#10. Use a highlighter
A little highlighter never harmed anybody. Take some highlighter and apply on the high points of your face and voila! you're ready to go now.

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