Easy Night Routines To Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We all have learned about successful people and their daily morning routines but have you heard about night routines? If you are having trouble sleeping, you have come to the right place to know all about some easy night routines that will help you get a good night's sleep.

What we engage in before sleeping can have a significant impact on our sleep and bedtime. Both quality and quantity of sleep can be disturbed. Hence, you must have a consistent night routine in which you allow at least one hour for yourself before bedtime and begin winding down. In this one hour, make sure you do something that relaxes you and your body and also calms your mind.

Whether you take a hot shower before hitting the hay or read a book, here are few healthy nighttime habits that will help you get good sleep and will allow you to wake up fully refreshed.

13 Night Routines That Will Help You Get  Good Night's Sleep

1. Set an alarm

Setting the alarm before going to sleep is probably already in your night routine but what is most important is to set the alarm at the same time every day. Doing this helps you in getting consistent sleep and better quality sleep in the long run as well.

2. Stay away from screens

Even our parents have become tired of telling this to us every day and night, but we never take them seriously. Well, it is high time we do now. The blue light that is emitted from the screens impacts the production of melatonin negatively, the body's natural sleep-inducing hormone and thereby disrupting our sleep. But in case, you have to use your phone at night; you can use the 'night mode' or 'night shift' that dims your screen light. You can also try some glasses that have designed specially to block blue light.

3. Dim your bedroom lights

We have already learned about how light affects our melatonin production that makes it difficult for our bodies to take natural cues to sleep. So dim or turn off all the lights in your room 1 hour before your sleep.

4. Drink a cup of tea

If you are craving to drink something before bed, drink a cup of un-caffeinated tea. In case you have anxiety, Chamomile tea helps to overcome anxiety and helps in relaxing after you had a long day. Strictly avoid drinking coffee or alcohol before you go to bed as it can disrupt your sleep.

5. Take a warm shower

Taking a warm bath or shower a before you go to bed works like wonders. Taking a bath or shower with warm water lowers your body temperature, which facilitates the body's natural flow to sleep.

Strictly avoid taking a bath or shower with hot water. Using hot water while taking a bath or shower can make it longer for your body to go into a deep sleep.

6. Listen To Music

The key to good sleep is doing something that relaxes your body and calms your mind before you go to bed. Listening to music is a great way to relax. Its suggested that you listen to music that's relaxing for you. It could be some soothing nature sounds or white noise that will help you drift off to peaceful sleep.

7. Meditate

Meditation is a simple and relaxing activity that can be done a few minutes before you go to bed each night. It is immensely helpful in calming your mind in preparation for sleep as it will help you settle your account and calm your thinking. If meditation is not your thing, you could also try activities such as devotion, reading or prayer.

8. Eat a light snack

It is best to avoid any meals, caffeine, alcohol or sugary snacks in the one to two hours before bed as indigestion can disrupt your sleep. However, going to bed hungry does not help either. If you are feeling hungry before going to bed, you can go for a healthy and light snack like a handful of dry fruits to help you get to sleep.

9. Read a book

If you are looking for a more engaging activity to do before bed, you should try unwinding each night by curling up with a book. Make sure to avoid reading any kind of book with exciting page-turners as that can keep you up. Strictly avoid using e-book for reading and always go for a paperback. Reading from e-book can negatively affect your sleep as it emits lights. If you prefer listening to a story, you could use an audiobook.

10. Do your skincare routine

There is a reason behind the term beauty sleep, after all. In case you do not have a nighttime skincare routine, you should consider making one as a part of your every night ritual before going to bed. It will not only result in healthy skin but also help you feel relaxed and calm in time before sleep.

11. Write a journal

Before you sleep, take a few minutes each day to reflect on your day and write down all your thoughts in a journal. Write about things you are grateful for. Writing a journal helps in mentally wrapping your day before sleep. This will helps as a motivation to wake up the next day and write about it in the journal. Writing a journal every day has been shown helpful in not only improve your sleep but also in boosting your immune system, reducing stress and generally improving your emotional well-being.

12. Make a TO-DO list for the next day

Besides writing a daily journal each night, you should also try making a list you have and want to do the next day. Making a to-do list will help a lot if you often worry about things that you have to do. Making a to-do list on paper will not only help you be more productive but can give you peace of mind to sleep better. Also, the satisfaction after you tick the tasks that you have completed in the to-do is unmatchable.

13. Stay hydrated

Many doctors say that hydration plays a crucial role in your energy levels and sleep quality. It is essential to drink water before we hit the bed as we lose moisture when we sleep and going to bed dehydrated can disrupt your good sleep. But make sure not to drink too much water as you would not want to take bathroom trips in the middle of your peaceful sleep.

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